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The comedy genre is the oldest film genre and the comedy movies aim at making people laugh by often exaggerating situations, language and action. Comedy movies are generally light-hearted movies intended to elicit laughter. It’s considered as the toughest genre to make but these movies yield remarkable results and turn out to be the highest grossers more often than not.  Comedies go well with pretty much everyone from all age brackets as they keep all parts of society, whether children or adults, harmonious and content. Comedy movies oftentimes impose moral lessons and happy thoughts to the story thus providing mirth and gaiety in one’s life in the otherwise monotonous day-to-day life.


There are many different kinds and types of comedy, including:

-Slapstick comedy: This primitive, time-honored comedy with belligerent and visual action that included innocuous and harmless elements in the movies, required exquisite timing and sharp, well-honed acting skills. One of the best examples of this type of comedy is the movie “The Three Stooges”; a movie that delivers all the elements of Slapstick humor such as hasty, brutal physical action while at the same time, being inane and certainly heartfelt.

-Screwball comedy: This particular type is possibly the most popular and enduring film genres. There is no decisive list of the elements found in these movies but some of them include farce, tomfoolery and a skillful, desterous blend of sophistication, elegance and slapstick. Another prevalent elements include fast-talking and witty, mirthful repartee. Based on the book of the same name from Dashiell Hammett (The Maltese Falcon), “The Thin Man” is a comedy masquerading as a detective story and can be considered as one of the greatest movies of the screwball comedy genre.

-Black comedy: Black or dark comedy movies are used to flaunt the incongruity, absurdity and callousness of the society. This genre deals with pushed aside subjects such as death, murder, war in a satirical approach. The greatest example of this type of comedy is “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” that spoofed the dogmatic insanity of political and military institutions. This movie was remarkably successful in its attempt to take a deadly serious issue and in putting forth the elements to make a black comedy.

-Spoofs: This type of comedy uses elements like sarcasm, mockery to satirize and lampoon the works of a serious film, performer or genre for comic effects. They also deal with issues that are controversial but include humorous, bizarre and outrageous elements for comic effects. Popular examples of this genre include Young Frankenstein, The Freshman and the Austin Power films.

"At once a train of comic possibilities occurred to me. I saw myself sleeping in bed, oblivious to the clanging of the fire bell. This point would have universal appeal, because everyone likes to sleep. I saw myself sliding down the pole, playing tricks with the fire horses, rescuing my heroine, falling off the fire engine as it turned a corner, and many other points along the same lines. I stored these points away in my mind and sometime later, when I made "The Fireman", I used every one of them. “said Charlie Chaplin.

As writer, director and principle actor, Charlie Chaplin exhibited an extraordinary and unparalleled degree of cinematic control that enabled him to instill in his movies, a dramatic arrangement of inimitable styles. His keen-eyed observation of life around him is what made him so successful and long-lasting in the cinema.
The elements that he used in his movies continue to influence the comedy genre.